When it comes to unforgettable songwriting and amazing guitar playing only one Colorado native is worthy. Making his way to the top of Reverbnation (#1) in Colorado for best blues/rock band with thousands of local bands he has definitely created a BIG name for himself and his band the Broken Circle, which everyone is talking about. Especially for being an unsigned artist. Is he just an old soul, or just a blast from the past? From being quoted “The Modern Day Hendrix”, and “New Age John Lennon” by Denver’s most successful fashion and music magazine (303 Magazine) has definitely taken a liking to the young blues/rock star that is sweeping the music industry in Denver and Colorado as we know it.

From writing these simple catchy tunes that people have mourned for, 303 has fully sponsored Zakk as an artist after watching him play shows like his Tribute to Hendrix (in 2014) which sold out in 2 days and had people watching from outside. 303 Magazine only works with the best and most professional musicians around, having done previous work with artists such as Lady Gaga, PHISH, The Lumineers, and the Fray.

In 2016, Zakk was asked to open for his guitar hero, Jimmy D. Lane (Son of famous Jimmy Rogers of the Muddy Waters Band) for a two night Valentine’s day blues show that people came from all over the country to watch both nights, hosted by the Colorado Blues Society and 303 Magazine. Jimmy came back a second time in the summer of 2016 to tour in Colorado and personally asked Zakk to play with him onstage again, and to hear him play for five songs. He called Zakk “A fantastic guitar player and a hell of a guy”. He was so impressed with Zakk he has become his mentor, showing him the ropes in the blues industry and carefully helping him craft his guitar playing.

Zakk has played some of the coolest festivals in Colorado in 2016, including the Trinidaddio Blues Festival for 7,000 people and Greeley Blues Jam in Greeley, Colorado. Zakk is already having an amazing 2017 year by starting the year off opening for Michael Allman (son of famous Allman brother Greg Allman) at the Rialto theatre in Loveland, Colorado selling over 400 seats. Zakk played an amazing hour and a half show that left his fans and venue owners from all over Colorado speechless, with a standing ovation. Zakk dedicated the show to the passing of Butch Trucks and his blues friend, John Catt of Denver who owns Blue Star Connection. Michael Allman was so impressed with Zakk’s playing and songs he called him “An amazing musician and very talented”. He also told Zakk he was a fan of his music and his style. Zakk has definitely put in big hours and has played some of the nicest venues in Colorado to get to where he is on the charts.

Zakk has a very big summer ahead of him, playing some of the best venues and festivals many musicians never get to play, including the Gold Room (May 17th), The Greeley Blues Jam (June 9th), The Mount Carmel Music Festival (July 15th) and many other amazing dates on the Strange Figures tour.

When it comes to giving back, Zakk makes his way to hospice and nursing homes sharing music and playing guitar with all people who he says “deserves music and need it”. Zakk is big into God and church and helping others, and not forgetting where his passion for music and playing came from.

Zakk is a proud endorser of Peavey Amplification, Tsunami Cables, InTuneGp, 303 Magazine and others. Some of Zakk’s biggest influences in music are The Beatles, John Lennon, Cream, Harry Nillson, The Moody Blues, The Doors, Pink Floyd, The Who, Led Zeppelin, SRV, Jimmy D. Lane, The Grateful Dead, Jimi Hendrix and Robin Trower. Zakk has had the opportunity to talk and learn from some of the biggest names in the industry including Legend BB King, Robby Krieger from the Doors, Warren Haynes, Walter Trout, Cocoa Montoya, Tinsley Ellis, Jimmy Thackery, Eric Johnson, Buddy Guy, Jimmy D. Lane (his mentor and friend), Rob Grille from the Grassroots, The Byrds, Carlos Cavazo from Quiet Riot, Ed Kowalczyk from the band Live, The Goo Goo Dolls, and many many more. If you haven’t already checked out this monster on the fretboard check him ou! Zakk will blow you away, especially with his heavy GBH BOOMERS.

Guitarist & Singer/Songwriter


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